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Professor Marcel Bouvet from University of Burgundy gave academic report in College of Science

Prof. Marcel Bouvet from University of Burgundy was invited to College of Science for academic communication. And prof. Marcel Bouvet also gave an academic report titled with “Molecular Semiconductors: from solution processing to gas sensing” on the morning of July 6th.

In the report, prof. Marcel Bouvet introduced the whole preparation processing from single molecule to device. He firstly gave the brief review about the classes of molecular materials. Then he detailed the preparation methods for molecular materials, including layer by laer, molecular semiconductor-doped insulator (MSDI) heterojunction, spin-coating and solution processing. Next, he focused on the preparation of molecular devices, such as resistors, transistors and diodes. At last, he introduced the application of molecular materials to gas sensing. After the report, prof. Marcel Bouvet gave a friendly communication with the attendants.

Prof. Marcel Bouvet graduated from University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) with a Ph.D degree in 1992. Then he has been working at the ESPCI as associate Professor, but also at the UPMC, and at the University of Connecticut (USA) as a post-doctorant. He got a full professor position at the University of Burgundy, in 2008, where he is currently the head of the team “Electrochemistry, Molecular Materials and Devices (EMMD)” in the Institute of Molecular Chemistry (ICMUB). His research interests are in the field of molecular materials, conductometric transducers and chemical sensors.