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Student administration

The college has 4 postgraduate programs, 7 undergraduate programs, 12 postgraduate classes, 75 undergraduate classes (including 8 experimental classes of science), in total of 271 postgraduate students and 1824 undergraduate students. The college has 4 discipline: mathematics, physics, chemistry and material. The student administration has one vice secretary of college and 10 student assistants, including 7 full-time student assistants, post-graduate student assistants and one part-time student assistant.

Students in the college are encouraged to attend science competitions and the number of candidates are growing every year. In recent years, there were 28 national prizes awarded, including 3 meritorious prize, 3 accessit prize, 17 third prize and 145 provincial prizes awarded, including 8 grand prize, 39 meritorious prize, 48 accessit prize and 50 third prize.